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Tyson Erwin





646 W Los Lagos Vista Ave

Mesa, AZ 85210

Date of Birth:

August 29, 1988

A Bit About Me

    I have always been inspired by design as a kid. Taking apart electronics and toys to see how things work. After the military, I really wanted to focus my attention on the field of design.

    Being an avid gamer, I wanted to to be apart of a game design team. As school progressed and opened my eyes to the rest of what design could be, I fell in love with idea that "everything can be made better" in one way or another.

    Overall, I found myself in my creative place. Where design can meet manufacturing with all people in mind. I find joy every day that I sit down and design.

    Things I love to do:

  • Think creatively

  • Sketching and jotting

  • Being goofy and

  • Creating prototype models in the garage

  • Out of the ordinary solutions to problems (problem solving)

  • Outdoors

  • Sports (this includes ESports)


    Things I am good at:​

  • 3D modeling (Solidworks)

  • Quick sketching (rough)

  • Model building

  • Identifying solutions to problems

  • "Interesting" imagination and perspective

  • Staying positive and on task

  • Idea collaboration

    Things I can improve on:

  • Digital sketching

  • Colored Markers

  • Website Design (No training on this)

Work Experience

Sept 2021 - Present

Sept 2020 - Sept 2021

July 2017 - Aug 2020

May 2012 - May 2017

Lead meetings with production management to illustrate and identify improvement points for increase throughput and production flow. Analyze bottlenecks on the production floor and offer solutions. Within my first 3 months I have successfully reduced 60% labor time from a single operation resulting in $25,000 + annual savings for the company. Review cost/revenue and develop cost-savings analysis for the company.

I worked at Hardy Customs in Tempe, AZ as an entry level industrial design engineer. I work closely with the mechanical engineering department to design/redesign/modify specialty parts for various companies. Within the design process, we utilize CNC mills and lathes to manufacture precise, custom metal and acrylic parts. 

Working for Sullivan Harwoods flooring company was a great experience doing installations of flooring to include vinyl plank, laminate, and glue down hard wood floors in residential homes. I worked with many power tools, learned concrete work, basboard, and some drywall work while working for Sullivan Hardwood. 

United States Marine Corps - E-5 Sgt - 0231 Intelligence Specialist - Honorable Discharge. I was tasked with many responsibilities outside of being combat trained Marine. As a mentor to junior Marines, I would develope monthly reports, organize and orchestrate trainings, and lead junior Marines on a varitey of missions. Conducted daily briefings to Generals and higher leadership with analyitcal data based on well derived research and developement.

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